Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hinesville Christmas Festival 12/4/07

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to the city of Hinesville, Georgia, for putting on a wonderful Christmas Festival!! It was fantastic!! Everything was so beautiful and perfectly planned out. I know everyone enjoyed it immensely!!
Our new wreath we bought there.
One of Santa's elves (and Alex's friend!)
Bella got to see Santa!! (again!)

Children got to color and decorate Christmas ornaments. Bella's eyes lit up and she said she wanted to make one for her Daddy. The woman at the table looked up and saw Alex and myself, and asked where Daddy was. Bella replied that he was on a Soldier trip, far, far away. The woman got tears in her eyes and asked if she wanted to make two, so she could keep one and Bella said no, everyone gets ONE because that way it's fair. This child is THREE!! Yeah, I'm a proud Mommy! Just don't tell Daddy about his present, ok?
Bella worked very hard on this!
And used all the colors - look at that concentration!
Santa brought his reindeer!
Smartypants Bella - she took one look at the reindeer and asked where the rest of them were!! I don't know if she knew there were supposed to be 12 or not, but she knew there were more than four! She was disappointed she couldn't pet them too. Oh well.
Alex & Bella sitting in the sleigh
And boy did she howl when she had to get out!
Luckily for us, there were LOTS of bouncy tents!

I pointed Santa out to Bella.....and she informed me that it wasn't Santa, only a decoration! That kid is just tooooo smart! This German restaurant is fabulous!!
Afterwards we went to DQ for ice cream!

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