Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Attempting a Christmas portrait!

Could we have a smile please??
Bella talked to Daddy on the webcam - this is the result!
This too!
Ahhh perfect! This is what we used!
Scary smile!
NOT cooperating!
NOT standing still!
NOT focusing!
Adding Olivia didn't help!
Bella - pouty lipping it!
Wanting to dance, not take pictures!
This dress is itchy!
It's Sissy's fault! She's crackin' me up!
Mom!!! Are we done YET????
"I think Dora is on"........*sigh* I gave up!


Cygnet said...

Too cute! I recently needed a pic of the 3 grandkids to have a blankt woven with their photo..OMG---I must have taken 50 pics!
Honestly---all your pics are great. I don't think there could be a bad pic of Bella.

I am STILL the Queen! said...

Ah! You're too kind Chris!!

My Bella is quite the ham though....now she's asking me to take pictures of her and starts putting on a show. A natural actress!

It's the "Mommy inflicted", posed shots that she's opposed to, lol!

Namine said...

MERRY SITMAS day. You liked this on that post, so I thought I would comment on this one. I love the pictures and your conversation. THe ending is great!!
THanks for dropping by my blog! Have a fabulous TUesday!!

Kristin said...

Ohhhhh, I love that second one. What a cutie!