Saturday, November 3, 2007

Totally Baffled.....

Some people just totally baffle me. They make zero sense at all. For example, the people who "hate" me (why they can't even explain - to themselves or anyone else), and yet they find it absolutely necessary to come to my blog daily (often 2, 3, + times A DAY, EVERY DAY!!!). Now if I hated someone I can assure you I wouldn't want to know what they were doing, what they were eating, what their family was up to, etc.....I just wouldn't care! And yet a group of "women" - I use the term loosely as to not offend REAL women - come here, day after day and "discuss" (read here gossip) the trifling details of my everyday life. Here's a tip.......get your OWN LIVES instead of just reading about mine!!! I mean really, what's the point?

Of course it makes about as much sense as being so consistently rude, vile and cruel to people on an internet board to the extent that you're banned from ever posting there again. AND THEN to be pathetic enough to spend an entire day at Starbucks so you can have a different ISP address to get around your banishment, so you can make up a transparently mocking ID (you know the thing YOU were so upset about someone doing to you!), so you could post non-stop for an entire day! Wow, now there's a productive use of your time (not!!!). But of course it's not YOUR FAULT you were banned, right? It's just so unfair, so unjust! You're the "queen" and you can do and say whatever you want, right? Wrong!! Nope, just keep slandering people and accusing them falsely.....until you find out it's NOT them and turn around and accuse more innocent people. Never an apology in sight, nope not one, because that just isn't "how you roll", now is it??

So you're banned, again. So you pick up your litterbox and scooper and scuttle off to your own little board, with your handful of faithful, "card carrying" groupies - insane women who actually publicly announce that they are PROUD to be a part of the "Dirty Whore" club. Free to gossip and slander to your cold heart's content. Don't you ever get bored??? Doesn't it EVER get old lusting after semi-nude men (who are most likely gay) and telling lies about other people??? One thing I've learned, the hard way at that, is that people who gossip to your face are the ones who are gossiping about YOU behind your back. What is it that you find so fascinating about me anyway??? I'm nothing like you and we have zero common ground. Are you waiting for me to shrivel up in agony because I'm not "one of the cool kids" anymore??? Are you still wishing me to "rot in hell"??? Are you hoping that I'll just give up on the things and people that are important to me??? If so, I hope you're sitting in a real comfy chair, because you are going to be waiting a longggggg, longggggg time!

I'll give you this - you DID try to turn many people away from me. But it didn't work. Your lies finally caught up with the whole lot of you and you just disgusted everyone. NO ONE is sorry to see you gone! It's a much calmer, happier and more supportive place without you all. So thank you for finally showing your true colors! So how's about running along now kitties, and see if you can sharpen your claws on someone least for a day. See if you can go a whole day without snooping around my life and discover one of your own.


Deb said...

Hey there, Sweetie! You are loved by the people who matter! The proud card carrying "DWs" of the world will get their "reward" when and where it really counts. I'm so sorry that you are hurting {{{{hugs}}}} Wish I knew what to do to make it go away. You are a strong woman,you have a lovely family and should be proud!Love ya Brat!

Lynn (donteat2much) said...

Hey Jeannie,
Just called in to say Hi " HI"
You have such a way with words, you said what most people were thinking about these "women", dont let them get to you, you are a much better,loved and admired woman than they will ever be.
Some poeple just dont have enough to do in a day!!!!!!Goodness knows what their homes and families look like (dirty clothes etc...)when they obviously dont have time to take care of their own business because they are too busy interfering in yours! To H@(( with them!!!!
We love you and care

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeannie,

Please don't let 'that group' get to you. That is how they get their kicks.

Know that the ones who really love you are behind you 100%. We need you and want you to stay with us.

Remember we all have days when we feel like a failure but tomorrow is another day and you can be proud of yourself and all the wonderful things you are doing. Don't be too hard on yourself about the weight bounce--we have all had them! I have only moved 1 pound in the last 21 days but I am going to keep trying and so should you.

I know that Thomas and the kids are all so proud of you for the many things you do. Weight loss is just one of those things and it will come again just you wait and see!

Be that proud army wife and mother that sees good in everyone. Believe me, there are sooooo many women who can't hold a candle to you and they have their hubby at home. You are going to look wonderful to Thomas!!!

Your entire family must be so proud of Alex and the wonderful chance that she is being given. Remember, part of her success stems from the two wonderful parents that have raised and loved her. You are not a fraud or a failure!!!!

As you may see, I couldn't sleep tonight so decided to check my mail and I am so glad I did. I wish I could take some of the hurt away for you--be so proud of every step you take forward and remember there is no rule etched in stone that says you have to be 100% everyday.

Take care and remember we love you,


Anonymous said...

I've been doing NS since February and have been incredibly lucky; first to have not run into any issues on the boards and to have been off line when they happen and second, and more importantly, to have met the wonderful people that I have met. As you know, most of us are good, sincere, well-meaning people. I consider myself very blessed to have "met" so many. You, my dear, are way on the top of my list. You are the most giving person on the boards and, it's OK if sometimes that gets to be too much! I think we all forget sometimes that you have a life--that you are not sitting at your computer 24 hours a day waiting for when one of us needs you!!!

Please don't spend too much time worrying about your personal trolls! They are too far beneath you to take up your time. (BTW, how do you know who checks your blog? Or do you only know if they leave a comment? Should I find out how to do it so you know how often I'm checking out your pix and menus?) To have a bad day because of all the other stuff in your life is OK! You deserve it. What I mean is you have an unbelievable strength to deal with what you have to deal with but even the strongest of us needs a break from being strong sometimes!

What I am trying so poorly to say is that I miss you and if there is anything I can do, you just need to say the word. You have become a special part of my life (isn't it weird how that can happen from a board?) and I truly care about you. So, try to muster up a smile.

I hope you had a lovely time on your long drive today. I really tend to enjoy car rides with Rebecca because we actually get to talk!!!

Luv you,