Sunday, September 30, 2007

The new computer is all hooked up!!

I did it!! And I did it myself!!! And with Bella underfoot to boot!! So yes, I'm very proud of myself. It was both easier and harder than I thought it would be. The "easy" things turned out much more difficult than I had foreseen, and the "hard" things I was dreading took care of themselves!

I hooked everything up, directions were easy to follow, and it did it's initial uploading much quicker than the directions said it would. I was stressing about putting in the the internet CD (driver for my ethernet box thingy), as it wouldn't seem to "load". However the computer found it and did whatever it needed to because it worked without loading it! My printer CD said it wouldn't be compatible with Vista, and wouldn't load when I tried it anyway. It's pretty new so I was bummed about that, but then later when I trasferred files from my old computer and tried printing them - it worked! Weird, but a GOOD weird. I found an unused transfer cable, meant to transfer data from a Windows XP computer to a Vista computer (Thomas when did you buy this????) while looking for something else and used it to transfer about 95% of my files. It took forever, but less time than to manually do everything and it did do all the pictures before crapping out. The rest I did manually, and now the old computer is wiped clean and ready for the garage sale we'll have............eventually!

So here I sit, in front of this great big screen! I LOVE IT!! Still getting used to the keyboard though. I have to really be careful because typing on it is still making me have alot of typos, lol! I haven't really done anything to "test" the speed of the processor, but it's nice seeing that the hard drive has something like 3% filled rather than 60%+!! The only challenge left is to figure out our camcorder. I called Sony about getting a Vista driver so I can continue to burn CD/DVDs, but they said if I just plug in the "tv" video cords I can get by that. We shall see..............

I also didn't mess with installing the remote control, remote control sensor, etc etc because there is no cable in this room. Apparently you can record TV shows like a VCR and burn to DVDs if you wanted to! And it works anywhere in the world! Cool, but unnecessary at the moment. I'll let Thomas play with all that when he gets home, lol!

So now............I have the tools to finish my cookbook! YAY!! OK, enough rambling.............

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