Thursday, September 6, 2007

A letter to an Army wife....

This is a letter to a military wife and she was told to spread this around to other military wives, so I will help her.

"When you think he is so busy he can't think, there is one thing on his mind. When you think it will be forever before you see him again, know he thinks it will be an eternity. When you go to bed at night and you miss his arms around you, know that his arms are aching to hold you again. When your child cries out for daddy at night and you feel suddenly like being mommy isn't good enough, know that daddy is only praying that what he is doing is good enough, that they don't forget him, and that they still love him. When you see a couple having fun out somewhere and it shreds your heart because he cant be there, know that they will never understand the bond, the closeness and the unyielding passion that runs through a soldier when he thinks of his wife that has stood by his side through all of this, and that he knows he can always count on to keep him together when he feels like falling apart. They will never know how true the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" saying really is. I have heard so many of the guys in my bay talk about how much they would give up to just hold their wives for a few minutes right now. No guy here really wanted to leave his family behind. A lot of us have kids and are pretty young and have fairly new marriages. Just pass on that we all seem to have a few common thoughts, the amazing women in our lives, at home, waiting by the phone and the mail box impatiently, you guys are always in our thoughts. When we are running, cleaning, shooting anything. We are all so proud of you and can never say thank you enough for standing by us.

Pass this on for me baby and know I mean every word of it, I'm sure the other guys do too. We love our women, they are the true strength of the military. We'll be home soon, then never let go!"

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