Wednesday, September 12, 2007

9-11 Remembrance

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And so began a war on terror that is still being fought today. A war that has taken my husband away from me, and our children, three far. Each deployment longer, more dangerous. I didn't understand why my husband was so down today when we talked on the phone. It had been six years since the attack.

Being a NYer, the attack hit me REALLY HARD in 2001. I was engaged to my husband and neither of us could know then how this attack was going to so directly impact our lives. Each year passed, and although sad, didn't affect me the same way. Until this year........watching the history channel, listening to the survivors stories, the voice mail messages, the pictures, the video - brought it all back like it was going on TODAY, all over again.

So many mistakes, so many chances to have stopped this tragedy - but we were caught unaware all the same. Nearly three thousand people perished six years ago, more than that now with our troop deaths.........and yet Osama remains uncaptured and his terrorist cells across the globe plot the deaths of innocent people in the name of their God.

Only our faith and commitment to justice will sustain us now. We must all bear up and be brave, for the wolf still growls at our door...........

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Thomas said...

Hey honey,

I know it must be hard for you too. I did not mean to be so down yesterday, it just hit me really hard that 9/11 was the reason I am currently in Iraq, and the fact that over two years of our marriagehas been spent defending our country on foriegn soil. But the bright side is that our love has grown exponentially in that time. Being over here makes me appreciate everything you and the kids do for me. I LOVE YOU!!!!!