Sunday, August 5, 2007

Havin' some fun on a lazy Sunday afternoon....

Working hard on her "masterpiece"...

Shane helping
"Oh, man! He's totally messing this up!"
Bella learning "rock on!"
Shane being coy
Bella trying to make him smile....
her "cheesy" smile
Dancing Bella
Alex.......with Bella running around crazy
Shane, poor boy, just trying to watch a movie!
Alex singing out loud - UGH!! **Boo!!**
Bella "thinking" about jumping off the stairs....
More dancing Bella!
Olivia - wishing we'd all just shut up! LOL!
Bella says MY TURN SISSY!!
my girls
Bella being grabby........
Just sharin' some tunes......

1 comment:

Thomas said...

YEAH!! Those are great pics honey! The kids look great, and you got some goos smile shots from everyone. THANKS!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!