Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My "baby's" big day......

This has been such an anticipated day.............because today was the day my first "baby" Alexandria (nearly 18, lol!) was going to find out which position she was going to fill in her JROTC program. This is her senior year and she's been in the program all throughout her High School career. She just loves it and participates in nearly everything they offer.

So today was the day: She'd either be the new Commander, Executive Officer, or S-3 (operations and training). She's worked so hard for so long, and this was so important to her. She's always refused to be a butt-kisser and wanted her record & performance to speak for her. (that's my girl!!!!). The other two students she was competing against didn't have close to her qualifications, but had the brownest noses you've ever seen!

She was convinced she wasn't going to get the top slot and was almost dreading going into school today. BUT SHE DID IT!!!!!! She is now the Regimental Commander and the highest ranking cadet in her school!!!! So now she'll go from Captain to full Colonel!!!! LOL, that just doesn't ever happen in the "real" military. It's been her dream since elementary school to be a pilot in the USAF and to attend the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. This is going to look so impressive in her application paperwork!!!

This girl captured my heart on the day I found out I was pregnant, and I've learned to love her more every day since then. Stand back, because my baby is HOT STUFF!!!!

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