Saturday, July 7, 2007

4th of July on Fort Stewart!

These pictures are actually in reverse order! Oops! But it was a very full day for us all!

Sumo wrestling! No....I didn't try it! But I thought about it!

Bella's first HUGE pixie stick! SUGAR HIGH!!

Bella made this visor! It lasted about 30 seconds, lol!

Bella wearing her "Isabella" necklace she made too!
Bella's first face painting! It's a butterfly, lol, honest!

A Bella favorite - Bouncing Tents! She went on about 7 different ones!

Feeding the "fishy" a stick...
....and drawing in the dirt.

Snuggling the "doggie".

Fish riding - it's harder than it looks!

Giddy-up Doggie!!

Having this much fun tires out The Bella!

The water was SOOO COLD!!

The Water Princess!

Like I said at the top, these pictures are in reverse order, but by the time I figured that out, I wasn't going to start all over!! We started the day with water slides. They were HUGE, but very slippery and Bella wasn't able to climb up very far before she slid down. Then we hit the water park. Then we swam in the pool (MUCH warmer water!!) where Bella swam all by herself and blew bubbles in the water!! We ate lunch poolside and then changed into our regular clothes.

There was so much to do in the afternoon that Bella was overwhelmed and wanted to do everything at once!! There were about a dozen different bouncy tents, games, crafts, etc. There was a clown making balloon animals but one look at the lady clown and it took about 15 minutes to calm Bella down - she does NOT like clowns at all! She made an "Isabella" necklace, and won several prizes with the ball throw (she didn't throw them - just walked up and placed them in the nets, lol! She still "won" though), and the fishing game. It was hard getting her away from those!! We made our own pixie sticks! These things were a foot long and a 1/2" wide - oh yeah, major sugar!! But all kinds of cool flavors! There was food galore, but we opted for the short line for hot dogs. Fighting 10,000 other people for food isn't fun! There were ongoing concerts and "acts" but we didn't see much as we had to keep The Bella moving and entertained. Just before leaving she got some watermelon and she just loved that!

I have to say that MWR really did a fantastic job of setting everything up and supplying so many things to appeal to everyone. There were more things going on (concert, motorcycle acts, etc) that we didn't see or participate in, so that shows just how much there was to see because we were busy ALL DAY in just what we did do! There were so many volunteers with the crafts, games, food......all who gave up their holiday to make ours great! A big thank you to everyone who went out of their way to make this the best 4th I've seen here on post - ever!! It was "Marne-tastic"!! HOOAH!

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