Saturday, May 5, 2007

My Sweet Baboo!!

Well these pics just came in my email!!! Nagging DOES work sometimes!! When you work 12 shifts at night (and can't take pics there because it's classified), and sleep during the hot days - there isn't alot of time to take pictures. And what, he asked me, do you want me to take pictures of anyway???

But you see, it doesn't really matter. The "where you are", or "what you're doing poses" aren't what's important to me. The concrete proof that you are ok, in one piece and can still smile for me are what keeps me going. Seeing you is what makes my heart smile. That is my husband - my hero - my bestest best friend - making an effort to reassure me and send me his love from afar.

It's so easy to just get down and discouraged when you are away. Knowing you can't be here for special moments............and the everyday mundane things, that somehow aren't mundane because you are there, with us, and that's what makes them special. You give the best hugs that always make me feel better. You're interested in whatever I want to talk about (or you fake it supremely well, lol!) You let me warm up my cold hands anywhere I want to. You're a great Daddy too!!! Nothing here is the same without you.

But you have a job to do, and for now that takes you far from us, so we will continue to do what needs to be done here at home. It won't be long before you are home on leave for Bella's 3rd birthday, and we will each count down the days until we are together again!

I love you Thomas!!!

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