Thursday, March 1, 2007

Rainy Thursday

Well today looks like it's going to be a rainy and stormy day!! Supposed to get thunderstorms and high winds later this afternoon. Sleepy kind of weather!! Unfortunately Miss Isabella not only DIDN'T take a take yesterday, but she decided to get up at 5am this morning too. What's up with that??? I can only hope and pray she'll take a nice, long nap this afternoon!

For once I didn't wake up starving!! I actually forgot to eat breakfast till nearly 9am!! It was super yummy though!! I love NS foods, especially since I've got a good handle on what to add to really perk them up. Today I had the eggs with sausage (added a sprinkle of FF cheddar, a bit of egg beaters, mushrooms and Mrs Dash garlic & herb to them), half an apple and a MS sausage pattie with my green tea. I'm sooo full!! Bella had a few bits of egg and sausage. She always wants whatever I'm eating!!! At least when I'm "dieting" she really gets her veggies in!!

Because Bella is so over-tired she's been pretty fussy and cranky this morning. I slept pretty well (back still aches in the mornings though), thanks to Thomas rubbing my back with body butter before bed and letting me have the bed to myself. He's leaving soon so we should be sleeping TOGETHER, but his cold would have kept me up, even though he can sleep through it himself.

I have alot I want to accomplish today! Not sure if we're having company this weekend or not (Thomas' Dad from WI), but it's not looking likely as they are having lots of snow out there. SOOOO glad to be out of the midwest!! So if they are coming, I need to tidy up, and if they aren't I still need to maintain the house and get some more organizing done. It's never ending it seems like!! I've already done the bills this morning, but need to hit the post office today and figure out dinner for the family. I also need to just suck it up and sit down to do my last bit of eBaying. Sigh...............I don't wanna!!! It's a rainy day and I'd rather be lazy. I do still have last night's episode of LOST to watch too. Hmmmm, maybe if I hustle a bit around here, I can do both!! I'm not sure when I became a boring housewife, but I really love it!!

OK, and I'm off..............

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