Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Adventures in on-post doctor's appointments....

Ahhh yes, aren't they just "fun"?!? NOT!! First of all, GETTING an appointment should earn you some kind of medal, which I managed to do for Bella yesterday. It's amazing how there are "no appointments available" for two months.....but a couple of quick calls to the Doctor and Patient Affairs and viola - instant appointment! I know there are alot of people that need to be seen, but come on - two months??? Get more doctors!

So I got an appointment for this morning, and I'm so glad I left "too" early because parking was a beast. They have a GI-normous parking lot; I know because I parked in the "back 40" of it and walked about a mile! Bella was a good sport except she kept wanting to stop and pick up leaves along the way. We made it into the office with 5 minutes to spare - whew!!

I have to say that Bella was such a BIG GIRL this time!!! Normally she pitches a fit when they want to weigh her (31.8 pounds) or check her height (2' 10.5"), check her temp (normal) or her pulse (normal). She just quietly and curiously watched the nurse without freaking out at all!! Yeah Bella!!! We got into a room quickly and waited about 10 minutes - not bad. Her doctor prescribed three new creams to mix together for her poor baby butt, and although I have my doubts we will see. I'm also going to let her run around naked this afternoon - and get going on the potty training adventure while I'm at it. Her pooooooor baby butt looks like raw hamburger; to say she has a "diaper rash" is a classic understatement.

So we go to the pharmacy, where Bella decides to act up and run around like a wild child!! UGH!!! It takes about 35 minutes to get called up, only to find out the third prescription isn't on their computer. DOUBLE UGH!!! It's now past Bella's lunch time and she's had enough of the hospital already. Back to the doctor, 20 minute wait, back to the pharmacy - did not wait and totally cut in line - got cussed at - cussed back - Bella's fiercely crying - got last prescription. Longgggggggggg walk back to the truck, get all buckled in .........realize I'm smoking my very last cigarette. So, commissary here we come! Luckily for all involved it was a quick in and out procedure. I must have had that look that says - outta my way!!!

Quick trip home where Bella counted every tree on the way, lol! Fed her lunch, fed me lunch..............breathed deeply! And great news!!!! We get to do it all over again on Friday morning too!

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