Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Sunday Blessings!

Ahhh, Sunday! A day of rest. And resting is about all I have the energy for, because it's been a long, tough week for me. Even though the Doctor upped my neuropathy medicine dosage, it seems to no longer be working. At all!!! So I'm back to constant foot and leg pain, with night-time electric pain and very little sleep. NO FUN!!! I have an appointment this Thursday and I'm going to discuss with him other treatment options. I've done some research on different medicines and we'll see what he thinks. The higher dosage wasn't more capsules like I'd been on, but a much larger tablet. Knowing the military likes to go "as cheap as possible", I'm going to ask him if perhaps it's a different medicine I'm currently taking, because it's not effective at all. We shall see. All I can do is pray and hope we can figure this out together. I'm blessed to finally have a Doctor who cares, and after the one I had to deal with in Germany, it's a huge blessing!!!

The weather seems to have cleared up a bit, which is fabulous! It was soooo overcast and dreary, and it was killing my sinuses. It's still a bit hazy, but the sky is definitely blue again and we have the sun back. Temps are slowly lowering, so the building is cooling off. I still can't believe they shut off the A/C arbitrarily like that. We also found a standing fan at the PX yesterday, so we have that in our bedroom. It even came with a remote control of all things, so you can regulate the speed and whether to oscillate or not, plus turn it on and off. Fancy Smancy!

Although we had a bumpy start, we finished our homeschool week on a high note. Friday was a very easy day (no math on the schedule!! Yippee!!), and we got to go to the school's book fair and picked up some great books for Bella. The school was really huge, and Bella mentioned several times about how glad she was not to have to go there. So she has some fun books she picked out for her daily reading, and we will also be using her new microscope and slide collection during science too! Should make things fun!!!

The sleepless nights and nerve pain have really kept me from doing the unpacking/decorating on the apartment as quickly as I would have wanted. What little energy I had was used to do homeschool, and minimum housework. Then it was time to collapse on the couch!!! I did most of the rooms already, but my stamping studio was really still a hot mess. But every now and then I would go in there, unpack some things or organize a shelf. Finally on Friday and Saturday I got a bit more serious and by Saturday afternoon I was completely finished, including hanging up some "pretties". There were a couple of things I couldn't hang because I had only saved medium and large cement nails from Germany, not the small ones. But I think it looks great!!! Want to see????

View when you first walk in.
The cubby unit is my wafer thin die collection.

My WorkBox!
Getting a bit worse for wear with each move, but the old girl is still standing!

Two bookshelves and plastic drawers (was used in my bathroom in Germany)
This took a long time to get "just so".

My little table, with ink stand and ihome.
I use this table to use my Big Shot mostly.

IKEA cubby
Holds my embossing folders, Magnolia collection, Big Shot items
and Rosalina from Italy!!!

Most of the things are where they've been before, but some small changes.
Many things from below the desk were put into storage.

Ribbon and flower stand
FINALLY got all my ribbon untangled and ready to go!!!

Inside the closet
The larger IKEA unit had been in our old livingroom, on it's side. I had a closet with shelving in Germany and this pretty much replaced that for me. I have most of my photo polymer stamps on the left side and 8.5 x 11" paper on the right. The bottom two cubbies I used the canvas drawers to hold 12 x 12" cardstock and DSP. It's super heavy and this is a great place to store it. We also found the smaller unit here in the PX, for the "overflow" of paper and other misc. items. Very handy!!! My new baby, Scan 'N Cut is on the shelf above.

Close-up views

And here is where I will sit and create....hopefully soon!!!


Rita said...

OMGosh! And people think my studio looks like an art & craft store! So totally organized! Looks great. I know how tedious it is to sit and do things like straighten out ribbon, etc. I also know how it feels to unpack in baby steps and not be up to actually playing in the room when it's done. Soon! Hope you feel better soon! (Me, too.)

Intense Guy said...

You have been busy! The studio is now open! :)

Mary said...

Hope you've been doing well! I've been such a slacker on reading blogs; I need to catch up with how your move went & how you're liking where you are.
Everything looks so organized! I hope the dr. can figure out how to help you...that has to be NO fun living with the pain.