Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gettin' Crafty Again!!! Wooo Hooo!

When we got settled into our new apartment, and our unaccompanied baggage arrived, I started working on a couple of pocket letters. I was better at starting them though than finishing them, lol! You know me, I get bored easily!!! Plus I had so many ideas and I wanted to work on all of them, all at once. I did get two finished around mid-August. Unfortunately I promptly forgot about the fact that I hadn't mailed them out....until Thomas took care of that for me yesterday! Ooops!!! Well, what can I say? I'm old and forgetful!!

I'll show you the front side, but the pressies tucked into the backs are a surprise for the recipient!
This one is for Charlie!

And this one is for Christina!

Newest Lawn Fawn order which arrived in late August, early September.
(Not going to lie, I've had many packages arrive since moving!!!)

Pocket Letter I finished today for Deanna.

I think I'm going to work on a couple of fall-themed ones next, with more stamping on them. I've got the itch to do some coloring!! *happy face* I admit it's easier to push through the pain now that my room is all finished and looking so pretty!


Mrs.C.x said...

love that you are back and crafting the pocket letters look fab :) cant wait for mine to reach me :)
Charlie xx

Deanna said...

Those pocket letters are cool. Glad you are getting your groove on again. Since I seem to remember you have two blog friends named Deanna, I'm not going to get my hope up..... lol!