Friday, January 30, 2009 it bedtime yet??

I'm beat! It's been a long day and I just wanna go to bed. My seminar was pretty much a total wash. The audio for the professor wasn't working - technical glitch - so instead of just TEACHING us, he kept saying the audio wasn't working. I'm sorry but I don't care what your weather is like, how bad your marriage sucks, or your dog's name when I'm supposed to be learning!! That's all people were doing - chitchatting. And most of the students have terrible spelling and grammar, so it was hard to even understand what they were saying. The younger ones talking in "texting mode" were the worst. Oy! Not a real great start to my back-t0-school enthusiasm.

Then Thomas was up and around after only a couple of hours of sleep . He had Staff Duty last night so was up all day yesterday, and all night till about 10AM today. He then gets a voicemail from someone who isn't his boss but thinks he is, telling him he has some bullshit duty for the next month. He gets all bent outta joint, and cussing up a storm, instead of just calling his real supervisor to handle this. He finally LISTENS to me, calls his supervisor and guess what? He was told not to worry about it and that it would be taken care of. Just. Like. I. Said. It. Would. Be.

THEN Bella was brought home from school early because she was screaming in pain from her right ear. It was only 3pm so we tried to get a regular pediatrician visit. No go. So we all load up and head to the ER. Parents hate the ER. It's a long ass wait with a bunch of sick people, so if you don't walk in sick you can pretty much bet you'll walk out sick. God bless Lysol rain mist spray!!!! Anywho, going in with terribly low expectations, we were completely in and out in an hour!!! Yaaaahooooo!!! But we had to wait a bit to pick up her prescriptions. So The Bella has her first ear "inflection". Apparently the bubble gum antibiotics tastes pretty good because she keeps asking for more!

I'm tired! was YOUR day??


Sandy said...

Don't ask!

ChicagoLady said...

Boring, boring and boring. I really wish I had more to do at work.

I'm sorry your first lecture didn't go as well as you'd hoped. Maybe the next one will be better.

Cassie said...

Crud. I'm sorry to hear that the first day wasn't so hot. Poor Bella with bum ear. I used to love the bubblegum medicine too! Heck, I probably still would!

Vickie said...

My day: eh.

What a bummer about your first day. Hopefully the next lecture is better. The teacher needs to tell these students that it is professional time. No tween texting.

Hopefully Bella fells better.

Anonymous said...

It was only the first day :) You have to look at the young texters and laugh... and then be afraid that one day, they will run this country....But they will LOL while doing it! OMG.

Unknown said...

Tell Bella we are thinking of her. My heart did that ugh jump for you at the letters ER. Because I have been there done that in the army world. Nothing is worse!

MommaSuds said...

Awww I am sorry your first day wasn't great. Hopefully the next one will be better.

When will our husbands ever learn that!! Hello! We are Army wives for a reason. Duh!!

Hope Bella feels better soon. Those ear infections are a killer. Lucky for her this is her first one. Both of my kids had bad ones from 6 mo to now. They still get them UGH!

Have a good day girl! Hugs!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yuck not a good day :(

Sorry for her ear inflection.

Sorry your first class was blah-I feel the same way about my adoption course.

Mary said...

Sorry your lecture was a bust!! I hope the next one is better!!!
Staff duty sucks hard core!
I'm glad this is only her first...I was plagued with them until I was 12!

LadyStyx said...

Hopin today has the Bella feeling much better.